T.G.C. Membership Rules

Rule #1

Have fun, enjoy the course, make new friendships, and always remember the Golden Rule.

Each Member is required to check into the Pro-Shop before starting their round.

Season & Operating Hours:

Weather Permitting (at the discretion of the T.G.C. Management) April through October. Play will begin no earlier than 8:00 am. Tuesday through Thursday, 7:00 am. Friday through Sunday. The course will be closed on Monday, walking permitted after 3 pm.

Golf Range Hours and Usage

The Golf Range will be close each evening at 8:00 pm, and at 4:00 pm on Sunday to do a clean pick so the range can be mowed on Monday.

Do not take range balls onto the course. Stay behind the markers on the range tee at all times.

Social Members and Guests may only use the golf range and golf practice areas on the day they pay to play golf.

Golf Cart Usage

In order to keep golf cart fleet maintenance to a minimum and extend the life of each cart, members will need to share a golf cart. If a member or guest does not want to share a cart, they must pay a separate cart fee of $10 for 9 holes, and $20 for 18 holes.

When using a golf cart, members must use the 90-degree rule, obey all golf signage, and keep golf carts at least 30 feet from the greens.

Golf carts can only be used by members that are 16 years old and have a valid driver's license.

Payment & Fees

The Pro-Shop and the Clubhouse will not have any cash on hand. To keep accounting costs down, payments must be made with a Credit or Debit card when any service is rendered. Members are required to have a credit card on file.

Food and Beverage

  • No food or beverage may be brought onto the grounds. Food and beverage service is available at the Club.
  • No personal coolers are allowed on the course. Coolers are available at no extra charge in the Grill and can be taken onto the course. It is against the law to bring alcoholic beverages onto the course that are not purchased through the Club. Any Members or Guests in violation of the policy will be asked to leave in accordance with Michigan Law.

Rules of Play

• U.S.G.A rules shall govern all play, except as modified by local rules.
• Local rules shall appear on the back of the scorecard or be announced at the start of any given competition.
• No mulligans allowed on the first tee.
• Players may elect to walk or ride (with the exception of tournament play – riding only).


• All regular club tournaments and events are run by the Golf Committee. Fees will be paid in cash the morning of the event. Therefore, all prize money will be rewarded in cash.
• Only amateur members shall be eligible to play in club tournaments.
• Any withdrawal from a tournament must be submitted to the tournament committee and may be subject to committee sanction.
• On the day of the event, club tournaments take precedence over regular member play.
• In the event of a shotgun start with less than 36 players, a reverse mini-shotgun start may be utilized for optimum course utilization.
• Range finders and G.P.S. devices measuring “distance only” are permitted for use during T.G.C. events.
• Golf carts must be used during T.G.C. events.

A USGA/GAM Handicap is required to participate in all TGC events.

Tecumseh Golf Club is not responsible for any prize money, nor will Tecumseh Golf Club be involved in awarding any prize money from Golfing Tournaments or Events.


• TGC recommends setting up tee times through the member's area so that the pro-shop staff can prepare for your arrival. Tee Times are not required but suggested to make your time at the club more enjoyable.
• Play will begin no earlier than 8:00 am. Tuesday through Thursday, 7:00 am. Friday through Sunday. The course will be closed on Monday, walking permitted after 3 pm.
• Members may not tee off on #10 without first checking with the pro-shop staff.


• Guest fees are $60.00 per guest for 18 holes and $40.00 for 9 holes. Guest geen fees include a riding cart. Fees are to be paid in the Pro-Shop or the member portal, Guest Fees must be paid by credit or debit card or billed to a member's account. No cash.
• A guest may only play T.G.C. four (4) times per season, regardless of which member brought the guest (excluding tournaments that include guests).
• Guest fees apply to all guests aged 10 and older.
• Members may not introduce more than three guests at any time without T.G.C. approval.
• Members must accompany all guests at all times unless approved otherwise by T.G.C.
• Members are responsible for seeing that their guests observe golf etiquette rules, do not slow play, and comply with the dress code.
• Members are only permitted 20 guests per season.

TGC reserves the right to refuse service to any guest of a member.


The dress code is applicable to all members, spouses, children, and guests while on the golf course and practice areas. Members are responsible for the dress and conduct of their guests. Members and their guests are expected to dress in appropriate attire and in good taste at all times. These standards include, but are not limited to, the following minimums:
• Non-metallic spikes or flat-soled shoes only.
• No changing clothes in the parking lot.
• No jeans or denim of any type or color.
• No tube, halter, tank or spaghetti strap tops of any type.
• No tennis, swimwear, or warm-ups
• All hats are to be worn with the bill forward
• Men’s shirts must have collars, sleeves, and be tucked in. Women’s shirts without sleeves must have a collar (jeweled neck tops are acceptable). Only dress and golf slacks are acceptable.
Those improperly attired will be refused playing privileges on the golf course and practice area.


A group is in violation of the pace of play program if any of the following situations occur: Don’t complete play on the course in four hours or less.
Have a pace of play finish time slower than the violating group you are directly behind Fail to allow faster groups of any size to pass through when the opportunity arises
No player shall “cut in” on any hole of the golf course in any manner that will interfere with oncoming players.
Remember, your place on the golf course is not directly in front of the group behind you, it is directly behind the group in front of you.


Be ready to hit when it is your turn. Be careful you are not in front of, or in danger of being hit by another member of your group.
When using a cart:
• After tee shots stop at the shorter drive first, let the player off, proceed to the other ball and be ready to hit next.
When approaching the green:
• Always park the cart even with, or behind the flagstick to be able to exit the green quickly
If your ball is just off the putting surface, take your putter and whatever other club is necessary to get you on the green and in the hole. Don’t hold up play by going back to the cart for another club.
The player whose ball is closest to the hole should tend or remove the flag, placing it carefully on the green out of the way of all players.
The player who holes out their putt first should be ready to replace the flag when all have finished putting. Be careful not to knock the edges of the hole when replacing the flag.
Leave the green quickly when finished so the next group may hit. Check scores at the next tee.


Practicing is forbidden on any of the regular tees, fairways, bunkers, and greens on the course.
No chip shots shall be played to the practice putting green from a distance of more than five yards.
For safety reasons & quality of play, it is the player’s responsibility to keep their shots inside the boundaries of the practice area at all times.


Sand bunkers must always be raked. Rakes shall remain inside of bunkers, parallel to the fairway.
Divots must always be repaired.
Repair all ball marks on putting surfaces.
Be careful not to hit into the group in front of you. Leave ample space.
Be quiet while others are hitting or putting.
Do not drag your feet, clubs, etc. on greens. Treat them with care. Be sure to step over others’ putting lines.
Sprinkler heads designate yardage to the center of the green.


Players are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner while on club property. Along with abiding by the previously defined dress code, pace of play, practice, and course care guidelines, players are expected to refrain from loud, vulgar language, obnoxious behavior, and players must control their tempers.
T.G.C. Management will contact any player involved in a complaint. Corrective actions will be carried out by the T.G.C. Management and may include termination of membership if warranted.

MINOR CHILDREN (under the age of 16)

Minor children must have parental supervision or have prior approval by the committee to use the facilities.
Minor children are prohibited from using golf carts without parental supervision.
Minor children may bring a guest. Guest fees and guidelines still apply.
Members, spouses, and members’ guests shall have rights to the tee ahead of all minors unaccompanied by the parent.


TGC staff, when available, will set one long siren blast heard on the golf course when lightning is threatening the surrounding area. Everyone is strongly encouraged to take shelter when the siren sounds. Staff will set three short siren blasts when danger has left the immediate area and it is safe to return to play. Players must exercise personal responsibility in the event that play is occurring at a time when the staff is not on-site. As a condition of entering the Tecumseh Golf Club property, all persons agree that Tecumseh Golf Club shall not be held liable for injuries to any member or guest that are directly or indirectly related to lightning. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure they, their families, and their guests understand this.

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