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Last year, leaving the Toledo District and joining the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) was a significant change for the club.  Shortly after joining GAM, we began working with GAM personnel regarding course slope and rating.  At that time, the club was added to the 2021 schedule for rating golf courses.  During the last couple weeks of May, GAM was able to send out their team to conduct an official course review.

The results of that review are now official.  We are happy to announce that our club has seen an increase in course slope, course rating, and the yardages have been updated.  Along with this letter, you will receive two attachments.  The first will show the actual slopes and ratings of our various tee boxes.  The second will show yardages of each hole from each set of tees.  You will notice that there are five men’s tees and three women’s tees (one more than we have had in the past for women).  For the White/Green Combination Tee, please note that Green Tees will be played on holes 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, and 17 (four holes per side).

It is important to note that our slope and rating were affected by a rule change.  Our native grass areas are now considered “lost ball” and are not a “penalty area.”  This means, when a ball enters the native areas and is not found, a player may utilize their provisional ball (played from the original location), or make use of a new rule giving the player the option, for two strokes (instead of stroke and distance), to drop a ball on the fairway, within two club lengths of the nearest edge, nearest where the ball was last in play, no closer to the hole.  Keep in mind, if you play a provisional ball, you may not then choose the fairway option described above, unless your provisional ball was also lost.  In this case, you would have a stroke and distance penalty AND a two-stroke penalty to drop in the fairway (five strokes in all, next shot being the sixth).

The last item that needs to be addressed are the handicaps of each individual hole.  Strict adherence to GAM policies and rules set forth by the USGA has resulted in our holes being handicapped as follows:



These changes will take effect on July 1, 2021.  The GHIN system will be updated, and you will be able to post your scores following this date.  All strokes given during leagues and tournaments will be according to the stroke index chart.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the individuals listed below.


Drew Lesko – Handicap Chair

Kevin Osworth – General Manager

Tim Simpson – President

2021 Ratings - Tecumseh GC
2021 Yardages - Tecumseh GC
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